You’ve taken an important step

toward the financial and lifestyle freedom you’ve been craving in your freelance business.

Accessing Your Purchases

In a few minutes, you’ll receive an email with information on how to create an account to access the Freelancer Boards membership area. 

If that email gets directed to your Updates or Promotions folder, be sure to drag it to your Primary Inbox so you won’t miss any important updates about your account or the products you’ve purchased.

Setting Up Freelancer Boards

In addition to your purchases, your membership area contains a welcome video that will show you around the membership area, please watch it first.

Redeeming Your BONUS 30-Day Access To The Private Facebook Group

One of the BEST bonuses you’re getting with your purchase of Freelancer Boards is the amazing group of business owners inside our private Mastermind Inside you’ll find weekly accountability threads, “get it done” Zoom work sessions, monthly coffee chats, timely reminders, and quarterly planning sessions…  PLUS a few extra surprises I’ve got up my sleeve!

When you join, make sure to check out the Events section of the group for upcoming events and to make sure you don’t miss anything sign up here to receive the reminders and updates via messenger.


If you have any questions about your purchase, or you need assistance, feel free to email me anytime at [email protected].  Thank you for your purchase and support of Freelancer Boards!
This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. ​
This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. ​